3 thoughts on “VirtueMart Tutorial – How to Add a Product to your eCommerce Store”

  1. i am new to all this and i would like to open an online shop, it might seem
    such silly question but how do you by adding that Tax into your website,
    how do you calculate it, do you need to add it from the start when you
    publish your shop online i am in the UK thanks a lot

  2. Hi Bla Rabkom, sorry for the late reply things have been quite busy here of
    late. Yes you will mostly likely need to add the Tax, I think its called
    VAT in the UK ? not entirely sure. VirtueMart does have a feature that
    allows you to add tax , as a generic amount or as a per product basis, you
    will see this when you are setting up a product.

  3. That clients webshop looked very good, especially that product slider.. Is
    that easy to config into virtuemart aswell?

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