9 thoughts on “How to download install and start zen cart (zencart)”

  1. The lines in mine where you edit the admin stuff look nothing like yours in
    my file. There’s just a huge string of special characters. Is this
    something to do with the new editions, or have I done something wrong?

  2. thank you for positing this vid, its a great help,. I have done Ozcommerce
    many times over and its good to see there’s not much in the difference with
    regards setup

  3. At the end when you move the configure.php to edit, how did you get it to
    become a word pad doc? Mine stayed a .php and I was not able to edit it.

  4. @BubbyandSissyChannel You have to use notepad not wordpad. Better yet
    download wordpad++ which is a completely different and free editor.

  5. I figured it out. But you didn’t include directions on how to install if
    you wanted it to be your site instead of a part of your site. I created a
    directory and installed it on there only to discover it was my main page.
    Had to completely redo it. Oh well, live and learn. I would have been lost
    without you.

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