12 thoughts on “How to install Zen cart Version 1.5 zencart setup tutorial Zencart”

  1. I have downloaded ZenCart several times and I always get right up to the
    part where you say “Everything is Good”. What I get instead is: instead of
    getting a control panel, I get “Wasn’t that easy! You are now ready to use
    ZenCart. Thank you for downloading ZenCart.” then etc.. about all the
    support ZenCart is supposed to give you. I have been through this several
    times over the last three days with four other people on four separate
    computers and always getting the same outcome. ZenCart downloads the files
    but it will not start. I am from California so… What am I doing wrong?

  2. Thanks for making the vids… it really helps me understand how to get
    free Ecarts!
    Good job. looking fwd to viewing your other vids.

  3. Now theres a way to install zen cart from the godaddy without having to
    install the files via FTP. all you do is apply, and when its done you just
    have to delete one folder. thats it!

  4. A great helpful tutorial, but once I’ve uploaded the zen cart files, I
    don’t get the “Welcome to Zen cart” screen. What’s wrong?

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