6 thoughts on “How to Fill the V4L Smileomizer: Part 1”

  1. Even when I fill my Smileos with the syringe, I tend to overfill…I think
    its just me trying to pack as much ejuice in there as I can! I have read
    abut the new screened Smileos, and I’m not at all happy about that. It
    shouldn’t be a problem making holes along the outside edge for syringe
    filling though…

  2. You mention cleaning them. How would I go about doing that? What is the
    turkey baster method you talk about? I really need to clean some because of
    different flavor eLiquid. Thanks!

  3. In order to clean my cartos I first soak them in near-boiling water in an
    insulated mug for about an hour. Then, take the bulb off of a turkey baster
    (which you have purchased new and is specifically reserved for this
    purpose) and place the carto or smileo inside the tupbe threaded-end up.
    Replace the bulb and suck near-boiling water into the turkey baster. This
    will force hot water through the carto….

  4. Hey brother, I tend to spin less then you (only a few spins). I’ve noticed
    that overfilling the Smilomizers tends to shorten their life (maybe it
    floods the heating element?). The new Smilomizers (just got some in the
    mail two days ago) come with pipe screens that sit on the top of the
    polyfill, so no more syringe filling unless you remove the pipe screen. I
    believe the reason for the screen is to keep the liquid from being draw up
    into the drip-tip but I may be wrong about that.

  5. Then squeeze the water back out. Repeat several times. This will rinse the
    carto thoroughly. When switching flavors I then soak them in 100-proof
    spirits for several hours and re-rinse with hot water. For a video on this
    and other tips for cartos check out TeamKR808’s videos, specifically
    “Vapor4Life Tips, Tricks, & Fixes For Cartomizers.

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