11 thoughts on “Vapor4Life Smileomizer Cart Review”

  1. I carry the V4L titan manual and a Halo G6 for backup. I just got my small
    Auto DAV, will review it Wednesday, really like it so far. You’ll love the

  2. you don’t want to over fill it, but get it to a point where you can tell it
    is full without spilling over into the hole in the middle. I started using
    a syringe to make it easier to fill and just top them off every night.

  3. The number of drops will vary. Tim summed it up very well. You DO NOT want
    to “flood” the coil (that’s what sits inside that tube in the middle) as
    you will NOT get proper atomization of the e-juice. “flooding” will not
    ruin it, BUT you WILL have to adequately clean it out, or you will have
    nothing but “headaches”. There are excellent videos on Youtube covering
    this issue. Also, lay your “cartos” on their side when not using or storing
    them. This will also help prevent “pooling” and “flooding”.

  4. Yes, at the sale price of approx. $10 a pop, minus shipping you don’t want
    to burn them out prematurely. Supposed to be able to get 12+ refills on the
    Smilomizer cartomizers. give’m some TLC and I’m sure they will easily do
    this. I usually refill daily after heavy vaping to make sure I don’t run it
    dry. Otherwise it will be “toasted”. I am looking forward to the
    “cigar-colored” unit once they come out. Will have to get two of them… 😉

  5. Thanks Tim, love your reviews! Just ordered one and am trying one of their
    juices! I currently use HaloG6 so I’m happy to know it will work with it!

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